2019 Contest

FLAND Student Video

Contest Winners Announced!

FLAND decided to replace the long-standing student essay contest with a video contest for 2019. Each language level was challenged to submit a different type of video. Level 1 was given the category of “repeated structures”, level 2 category was “music” videos, and level 3 had “fractured fairy tales”. The video contest was judged by UND language students under the direction of Thyra Knapp.

The winning group for the German videos was entitled “Bär und die drei Leute”.

It was made by Erika Feole’s students from Grand Forks Red River.

The students’ names are: Baylee Carpenter, Ella Zhang, Jill Goodman, Jadyn Sondrol and Evan Hutchison.

The winning video in Spanish was made by Cara Cody-Braun’s students:

Evan Braaten, Lissandra Suarez, and Emma Nelson.

Their video is entitled “Y tú ¿Cómo eres?”

We plan to show the winning videos at our summer conference!

Congratulations teachers and students!

Video Contest Committee: Cara Braun and Angela Harmon