Meet your 2019-2020 Officers!
Officers are elected during the winter/spring meeting. The second president-elect, first president-elect, president, and past president serve each term for one year, moving up in position each year. The treasurer and secretary serve two year terms. Please email any of the officers with questions you may have. 

FLAND Officers & Executive Committee

President: Laine Martinez, Bismarck Email
First President-ElectPaula Williams, Dickinson Email
Second President-ElectLaura Abuhl, Williston Email
Treasurer: Kristine Middleton, Grand Forks (2018-2020)  Email
Secretary: Kristine Middleton, Grand Forks (2019*-2020)    Email

Laine Martinez
Laine will serve as President for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Kristine Middleton and Cara Cody-Braun, 
Treasurer and Secretary
They will serve for two consecutive years, the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years. 

Laura Abuhl & Emily Williams
Second President-Elect & First President-Elect

FLAND Advisory Board

Past PresidentPam Fisher, Grand Forks     
ND-AATF President: Inactive
ND-AATG President: Erika Feole, Bismarck
ND-AATSP President: Inactive
ND-ACL President: David Volk, Fargo & Kathy Strand
Historian: Currently being held by the Past President
Public Relations Coordinator: Sandy Meidinger, Linton
Editor of FLAND News: Martina Dvorak, Mandan   Email
Webmaster: Martina Dvorak, Mandan    Email


Faye Miller (Chair), Sandy Meidinger, Barb Beach, LeAnne Tracey

Teacher of the Year (Past three recipients): 
Chair: Kami Yri (2016)
Claudia Schoellkopf (2018)
Emily Parrill (2020)

Chair: Pam Fisher (18-19)
Erika Feole (17-18)
Angela Harmon (16-17)

ProLingua Award (Past President): 
Chair: Pam Fisher (18-19)
Erika Feole (17-18)
Angela Harmon (16-17)

ACTFL Delegate

CSCTFL Delegate: Past President if accepted