Video Contest Information is here!

            In 2019 FLAND will be replacing the essay contest with a video contest for student productions.  The videos will be submitted between February 4th and March 13th.  Details about how to submit the videos will be forthcoming.  The videos will then be judged by UND foreign language students, and the winners of each level will be announced in April.  Winning videos will be posted on a YouTube channel so that all classes can view them.  A news release will also be sent to the winners’ local papers.  

            Now is the time to get students brainstorming about this video contest.  Students may work alone or in groups.  While the productions should be student-centered, teachers are encouraged to offer guidance and editing as needed.  We are including the rubrics here so that teachers can begin to plan how to work this project into their plans.   Please help make our first contest a success by having your students participate!  

            This year’s contest includes three levels and each level has been assigned a different task.  

Level 1 language learners are asked to create a video repeating a structure that is typically taught in the first year of the target language. (Rubric)

Level 2 language students are challenged to create a music video in the target language. (Rubric)

Levels 3 & 4 students will interpret the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” in their target language. (Rubric)

            Creativity is encouraged at all levels!

Video Contest Committee: Cara Braun and Angela Harmon