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Past Conferences

2019 Summer Conference 
“Growing Minds, Building Community” 
Featuring guest presenter Amy Marshall 
Tuesday, July30th – Thursday, August 1st 
Dickinson Middle School; 2675 21st St W; Dickinson, ND 58601 
*All times are listed in Mountain Time* 

Monday, July 29th Social 
Social: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm - Phat Fish Brewery 1031 W Villard St; Dickinson, ND 

Tuesday, July 30th 
Conference:   8:30 am – 5:30 pm – Dickinson Middle School; 2675 21st St W; Dickinson, ND 
8:30-9:00      Registration, Silent Auction, and Swap Shop (location) 
9:00-9:30      Welcome and Introductory Remarks about CI 
9:30-10:15    Central States Information: Paula Williams 
10:15-12:00  Card Talk: Amy Marshall 
12:00-1:45    Membership Meeting (catered lunch, additional cost) 
1:45-4:30      Games/Activities for Low/Med/High Output: Amy Marshall 
4:30-5:30      Use of Technology: Amy Marshall 

Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 
Conference:    8:45 am – 2:45 pm – Dickinson Middle School; 2675 21st St W; Dickinson, ND 
8:45-9:00      Silent Auction and Swap Shop Open 
9:00-11:00    Special Person Interviews with Write and Discuss: Amy Marshall 
11:00-12:15  Lunch (on your own) 
12:15-2:45    Reading: Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) and Class Novels: Amy Marshall & Laura Abuhl
4:15 - late     Medora; meet at 4:15 at Hawthorn Suites (Optional: additional cost) 

Thursday, August 1st, 2019 
8:30-9:30      ND-AATG Meeting/Gathering 
Conference:   9:45 am – 3:30 pm – Dickinson Middle School; 2675 21st St W; Dickinson, ND 
9:45-10:00    Silent Auction and Swap Shop Open 
10:00-12:30  Embedded Readings: Amy Marshall & Laura Abuhl
12:30-1:15    Lunch (catered, additional cost) 
1:15-3:15      Using Comprehensible Language to Play Mafia: Amy Marshall & Laura Abuhl
3:15-3:20      Conference Closing Session 
3:20-3:30      Wrap up Silent Auction 

CSCTFL Topics: Paula Williams, Dickinson Public Schools, Dickinson 

Paula had the opportunity to go to Central States Conference this past spring. She will share briefly on the sessions she attended. She will share information on “Leadership and Growing Foreign Language Programs” and “Using Music to Teach.” 

Guest Presenter: Amy Marshall, Dudley Middle School, Massachusetts 

    Amy Mar
shall has an undergraduate degree from Rutgers University in Spanish and Secondary Education. She has her Master’s degree from Middlebury College in Spanish Language and Literature. She has been teaching for 18 years at the college, high school and middle school levels. For the past 11 years Amy has been teaching Spanish to children in grades 6-8. She used to be a passionate grammar teacher, but once she discovered the world of TPRS an
d other comprehensible input teaching techniques, there was no denying the success that she was seeing in her students and no turning back for her! She is on a journey to constantly question and challenge herself and to become the best that she can be at this craft. It is exciting to have this growing community of like-minded educators to share and work with and to learn from! Amy has led various local professional development workshops in the last several years to both members of her regional school district as well as other local school districts. She has presented at Express Fluency in Vermont, NTPRS and will be a featured presenter this summer at NTPRS. When Amy is not teaching, she is a mother of five amazing kids, wife to a great guy and zookeeper to two rabbits, four cats, one dog and a horse. If she’s not playing with her kids, she’s working with her horse or hiding somewhere reading a book. 

Card Talk 

In our classrooms, we want to plug in and connect with our kids right from the beginning of the year. Card talk is an activity that can be easily incorporated in the classroom starting on day one to begin conversations and lay the foundation of building a classroom community that will exist in your classroom for the entire year. This is an activity that has applications in all levels and for all ages of language instruction. Come and learn how to use this simple, no prep activity to start conversations about what is most important to our students…anything about themselves and their lives. The connections that students are able to make with you as their teacher and other students will pay off continually as the year goes on. 

Games and Activities for Low/Med/High Output 

Having a bag of tricks with strategies to use for most scenarios can be a lifesaving tool for a teacher! In this session we will explore a variety of games and activities that range from short brain breaks (requiring no output from students) to games that could last a whole class period (requiring student driven output). These are games and activities that could be used in any level classroom and will all be very low/no prep required. Come ready to try these games and activities out and to brainstorm modifications and different uses for them that we can all share and use to make our bag of teaching tricks even bigger! 

Use of Technology: Using Snapchat and Bitmoji to Spice Up Your Class 

If we are going to connect with our students, there is no better way than to meet them where they are, and they are deep into the tools of the social media world. Let’s investigate some easy ways to show our students that we can connect with them in their world through short videos, pictures, stickers, memes and more! We will be using phones for this session and will help you to set up accounts and create a Bitmoji step by step. Get ready to engage in technology creativity with scaffolding for the very beginners right up through those who feel proficient in technology. Get ready to engage your creativity! 

Special Person Interviews 

Continuing to build community in our classroom throughout the year is so important. Once we get plugged into our students, we need to stay plugged in. There are many ways to do this, but the Special Person Interview is a special experience that really celebrates each student and at the same time creates a wonderful springboard for discussion, exploration and connection within your classroom. This one activity alone will set your class apart from the rest of your students’ classes. This is the one class they can come to and share and learn about each other. They have the chance to find out what is important to everyone AND at the same time thoroughly acquire the target language. It is quite a special thing to accomplish ALL of that AND have students feeling encouraged as you just talked with them and listened to them! 

Write and Discuss 

Modeled after an ELA strategy called Language Experience Approach, Write and Discuss allows you to take any input that you have had in class and put it into writing. This enables you to offer a variety of additional input opportunities for the students. For example, if it’s Monday and you spent 10 minutes discussing what your students did over the weekend, stop and do Write and Discuss. Students will repeat back the input they remember from the conversation and the teacher will either write it on the board or use a document camera so that the students can see the language coming to life right before their eyes. 

Reading: Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) and Class Novels 

Reading is such an important part of language acquisition. We all know that, but sometimes the idea of introducing it as a part of our class that teacher and students enjoy can be intimidating and overwhelming. This session will discuss and play with a variety of different options for incorporating reading into your classroom including different ways to implement Free Voluntary Reading and different approaches to teaching a class novel. We will also discuss novels that are culturally appropriate, available and which levels they are best suited to. If you read novels or articles in your class, bring your thoughts and ideas about which novels you prefer for which levels and why! 

Embedded Readings 

Created by Laurie Clarcq and Michelle Whaley, an Embedded Reading is a collection of three or more scaffolded versions of a text designed to prepare students to comprehend texts that they perceive to be beyond their ability. The scaffolding of the different versions builds success, confidence, and interest in reading. In this session, you will learn the nuts and bolts of embedded readings and practice creating them from the top down and from the bottom up. Each technique has its own unique benefits and functionality. 


In case you do not know about this VERY fun role-play game and its potential in the world language classroom, here is an explanation by Martina Bex, from The Comprehensible Classroom: “Mafia is a role-play comprehensible input game in which a poor town is being tormented by the evil Mafia. The police force is working tirelessly to identify the perpetrators of the heinous crimes being committed while the local doctor does everything in his or her power to save the victims of the Mafia’s unconscionable attacks. The local news reporter is the only one safe from the Mafia, and he or she bears the burden of informing the townspeople of the Mafia’s every move.” In this session, we will demonstrate how to play this game in a language class and highlight ways to tweak it for the level of your students. We will also PLAY Mafia!! 

Membership meeting 

The membership meeting will include a catered lunch (separate cost). 
Don’t miss out on the membership meeting to stay informed of FLAND updates as well as state and an update on the Seal of Biliteracy. 

Dinner and a Show... Join us Wednesday, July 30 for an adventure west. We will depart from Dickinson Hawthorn Suites at 4:15pm with a caravan (please note if you are willing to be a driver) to the breathtaking historic town of Medora, just a short 40 minute drive. 

Once there, we will first savor Pitchfork Steak Fondue and take in the views of the Badlands. Savor your steak (vegetarian option available) as you overlook the picturesque Badlands. Your steak comes with fresh fruit, salad, coleslaw, vegetables, baked beans, garlic toast, baked potatoes, brownies, cinnamon-sugar donuts, lemonade and coffee. You may even enjoy a beer or glass of wine while being serenaded with western melodies performed live by The Coal Diggers Band from the Medora Musical. Next, we will take a seat in the Burning Hills Amphitheatre for the big show. The Medora Musical is professionally produced, with high energy western style musical and is proudly dedicated to the legacy of America’s 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt. We will sit as a group and your families and/or are welcome to join us. Indicate on your registration how many tickets you would like for the musical and supper.


Hotel Info 

Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Dickinson 
1170 Roughrider Blvd
Dickinson, ND 58601
Phone: (701) 483-7829
The room rate is $83.70 per night.
Hotel Block: July 29 - August 2 (mention FLAND)

January 25th & 26th 2019
Grand Forks, ND 
Once again we are excited to announce our Winter Conference with its theme “Pay it Forward”.

The conference program & registration form will be available in December.

Image result for hotel

Hotel rooms may be reserved under FLAND.
Book Quick!

Best Western: King Bed for $125
3350 32nd Ave South
Grand Forks, ND

AmericInn: Double Room for $99
1820 S Columbia RD
Grand Forks, ND

The Friday night social will start at 6:30pm with the location to be determined.

Image result for hockeyThis is a hockey weekend in Grand Forks, that means that you should book your hotel ASAP!
And if you want to take in a game watching North Dakota's finest hockey team, get your tickets now too at: or or 
Tickets cost  around $49 initially.

2018 Summer Conference

Schedule of Events

2018 Winter Conference for Foreign Language Teachers:

“Bring It Back; Pay It Forward”

Saturday, January 27, from 8:15 am – 3:30 pm, with Social on Friday, January 26, beginning at 7:30 pm

Sponsored by the Foreign Language Association of North Dakota (FLAND)


Friday, January 26

Social: 7:30 pm at Santa Lucía Restaurante, 1109 38th St. S. (just north of West Acres). Individuals order from the menu which features Greek and Italian food.

Saturday, January 27

Conference: 8:15 am-3:30 pm, Fargo South High School, 1840 15th Ave. S., Fargo, ND 58103


Registration, Silent Auction opens


Workshop session #1 – “Is Everything a Game to You?: Instructional Methods to Keep Kids Engaged,” Julie Parrow, Spanish, Oak Grove Lutheran School

Do you ever get sick of looking into a sea of faces that are blankly staring back at you? You wonder if students are even listening. How can you get kids excited about learning? It’s essential to take a look at the TRUE meaning of time-on-task and how to use it to benefit your classroom as a whole. During this presentation, we will delve into ways to more fully engage students through games focused on time-on-task. You will be given ideas of how to incorporate competition into your classroom in order to learn, practice, and review content-specific material. So bring your A-game and get ready to win a sticker or two… if you know your stuff!




Workshop session #2 – “Quizizz: Make Assessments in a Snap!,” Angela Harmon, Spanish, Mandan High School

Avatars, leaderboards, themes, music and memes! Create quizzes in minutes! The Quizizz editor makes it super-easy to create great quizzes in no time. It also provides instant data!  


Membership meeting/lunch


Workshop session #3 – “Tips & Tricks from a 3rd Year Teacher,” Luke A. Worthington, Spanish, Fargo South High School

Participants in this session will learn about academic games and activities that get students up and moving, thinking, and motivated to use language in the classroom while having just a little bit of fun. This sessions will feature mechanical, meaningful and communicative activities. 




Workshop session #4 – “Introducing Literature into the Second-Language
Classroom (But don’t tell anyone),” Jeanne Hageman, French, North Dakota State University

As language instructors, we often hesitate to introduce literature into our classrooms for many reasons (students’ abilities and general aversion to the word “literature”, usefulness for the students, our own fear of working with literature…) In fact, it is easy, and beneficial, to introduce authentic literary texts, even to beginners. The difference is that we do not treat the texts like literature, but instead use them as a framework for learning vocabulary, encouraging oral exchanges and developing writing skills. In this session, participants will see as a model a first-year level poem and how to actively incorporate it into a classroom.


Silent Auction closes, pay for items

2017 FLAND Summer Conference
August 7-9, 2017
Grand Forks & Winnipeg
Mark you calendars now for the 2017 FLAND Summer Conference! 

    The 2017 FLAND Summer Conference for Foreign Language Teachers is a conference for all current, retired, and pre-service foreign language teachers who are members of FLAND. The goal of the summer conference is to bring local and regional foreign language teachers together to participate in professional development sessions on current best practices in foreign language education. 

    This summer's conference, “Utilizing Travel to Enhance Foreign Language Instruction and Learning," will actively engage participants in activities that will prepare them to be group leaders of foreign or domestic travel. The conference will highlight how to plan meaningful travel activities for students and explore ways to get students engaged with travel destinations and cultures and use their language skills when traveling. We will also examine our role as Foreign Language teachers in the understanding and fostering of human rights around the globe. 

    To immerse ourselves in the above, the 2017 FLAND Summer Conference will take place in Grand Forks the first day then travel to Winnipeg, Manitoba, for the second and third days. Conference participants will engage in exploration of the cultures of Canada that including historic French-Canadian culture, the cultures of new Canadians from around the world as represented in Folklorama, and a visit to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. 

    The 2017 FLAND Summer Conference will be offered for one credit of continuing education pending approval. Information about the conference and registration forms will also be posted via FLAND's listserv and Facebook page. 

    The FLAND Summer Conference is a great way to connect with other Foreign Language teachers and grow professionally in the realm of Foreign Language teaching. 

Please join us for this exciting opportunity!

Click the forms for a larger and printable view!

 Registration CreditSchedule Room Reservations Canada

2016-2017 Winter Conference: "Bring It Back; Pay It Forward"
    Join us in Bismarck January 28th for a day of collaboration, learning, and reinvigorating time. It is the middle of winter and the start of a new semester. We all need that extra push from our supportive colleagues to keep a positive attitude to end the year. The conference will focus on those who have had the opportunity to attend the regional and national conferences. They will share with us what they have learned and how we can implement these ideas in our classrooms. Other presenters include Cara Cody-Braun and Martina Dvorak. Click on the form below to print off and send in your registration by January 22nd. 
2017 Winter/Spring Conference2017 Winter/Spring Conference