2018 Winter Conference for Foreign Language Teachers:

“Bring It Back; Pay It Forward”

Saturday, January 27, from 8:15 am – 3:30 pm, with Social on Friday, January 26, beginning at 7:30 pm

Sponsored by the Foreign Language Association of North Dakota (FLAND)


Friday, January 26

Social: 7:30 pm at Santa Lucía Restaurante, 1109 38th St. S. (just north of West Acres). Individuals order from the menu which features Greek and Italian food.

Saturday, January 27

Conference: 8:15 am-3:30 pm, Fargo South High School, 1840 15th Ave. S., Fargo, ND 58103


Registration, Silent Auction opens


Workshop session #1 – “Is Everything a Game to You?: Instructional Methods to Keep Kids Engaged,” Julie Parrow, Spanish, Oak Grove Lutheran School

Do you ever get sick of looking into a sea of faces that are blankly staring back at you? You wonder if students are even listening. How can you get kids excited about learning? It’s essential to take a look at the TRUE meaning of time-on-task and how to use it to benefit your classroom as a whole. During this presentation, we will delve into ways to more fully engage students through games focused on time-on-task. You will be given ideas of how to incorporate competition into your classroom in order to learn, practice, and review content-specific material. So bring your A-game and get ready to win a sticker or two… if you know your stuff!




Workshop session #2 – “Quizizz: Make Assessments in a Snap!,” Angela Harmon, Spanish, Mandan High School

Avatars, leaderboards, themes, music and memes! Create quizzes in minutes! The Quizizz editor makes it super-easy to create great quizzes in no time. It also provides instant data!  


Membership meeting/lunch


Workshop session #3 – “Tips & Tricks from a 3rd Year Teacher,” Luke A. Worthington, Spanish, Fargo South High School

Participants in this session will learn about academic games and activities that get students up and moving, thinking, and motivated to use language in the classroom while having just a little bit of fun. This sessions will feature mechanical, meaningful and communicative activities. 




Workshop session #4 – “Introducing Literature into the Second-Language
Classroom (But don’t tell anyone),” Jeanne Hageman, French, North Dakota State University

As language instructors, we often hesitate to introduce literature into our classrooms for many reasons (students’ abilities and general aversion to the word “literature”, usefulness for the students, our own fear of working with literature…) In fact, it is easy, and beneficial, to introduce authentic literary texts, even to beginners. The difference is that we do not treat the texts like literature, but instead use them as a framework for learning vocabulary, encouraging oral exchanges and developing writing skills. In this session, participants will see as a model a first-year level poem and how to actively incorporate it into a classroom.


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