What to do as ND FL TOY Award recipient

I've been awarded the Graciela Wilborn North Dakota Foreign Language Teach of the Year Award. What now?
Congratulations! You have accomplished quite a lot in your career to have been a recipient of this award. 
You are now on the Teacher of the Year committee for three years. You will report to the FLAND executive meeting about how many nominations there have been and if their is a worthy candidate. 
You will receive nominations for the ND FL TOY for three years and be on the board with the other two past recipients. 
The most previous recipient will receive the nominations, either by mail or email, and disseminate them to the group. That person is in charge of communicating with the whole group and the president of FLAND as to who the new recipient is. The newest award recipient will be announced at the summer/fall FLAND meeting. A separate reception may be planned for the recipient by the nominators. A separate reception is not the responsibility of FLAND or past award recipients. 
The most recent previous recipient also has the duty of getting the plaque made and the traveling plaque engraved. This information will be passed on from recipient to recipient. 
You will also be in charge of putting together a short editorial for the FLAND News to publish in the upcoming edition. It may also be published in local and state papers if that is a possibility. There is nothing wrong with publicity of our outstanding teachers!