Nominate someone for the Graciela Wilborn North Dakota Foreign Language Teacher of the Year Award
Send your nominations for the Graciela Wilborn Teacher of the Year Award!
Recipients of this award will be recognized for outstanding contributions in the foreign language classroom and/or to the foreign language profession. Nominees must have taught a foreign language for a minimum of three years in North Dakota and be members of FLAND. 

Nominations should include:
  • Name, position, address and telephone number of the teacher being nominated and of the person presenting the nomination. (typed cover page)
  • A description of the nominee's academic background, teaching experience and languages taught. (1 typed page)
  • Reasons for the nomination including specific examples of outstanding contribution to the foreign language classroom or profession (1-2 typed pages written by the person presenting the nomination)
  • Other pertinent materials such as letters of support for the nomination. (5-7 neatly typed articulate letters of support from a variety of people: administrators, co-workers, students, parents and FLAND members).
All nomination materials are due by May 1, 2017.
Please email 2017 nominations to Kami Yri
If mailing the nominations, send 4 copies to Kami Yri, email for address. 

Committee Members
Kami Yri (2016), Gina Solemsaas (2015), Val Kling (2014)